Ukraine Crisis
60103870 © ©Justyna Mielnikiewicz / MAPS images / Agentur Focus
©Justyna Mielnikiewicz / MAPS images / Agentur Focus
Ukraine Crisis
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Dnipro, Ukraine
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February 25, 2022, Dnipro, Ukraine: Sorting and distributing warm blankets for people in shelters and army volunteers. Dnipro , fourth largest city of million residents located in East-South Ukraine is getting ready for war . On the second day after the help center was set up by volunteers people started pouring in with donations of all kind but also offering help in kind : shelter at home or car or time to work doing anythining needed . Volunteers working at the center are mostly people which did the very same work during 2014-2015 ( first two years of war with Russia) . They assist IDPs by connecting them with a local people providing shelter in their homes , but also other Ukrainians victimized by on-going conflict with assistance and basic help. Center became also a place where people willing to volunteer to fight can register. ©Justyna Mielnikiewicz / MAPS images / Agentur Focus
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