The Romanian Bukovina is famous for its monasteries, which are World Heritage Sites and a tourist attraction.

Oliver Mark
Child novices in Buddhism

Oliver Wolff
Spanish religious festival & rituals.

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Franz-Josef of Bavaria moved as a missionary Father Florian in a godforsaken area in northeastern Kenya. He is the great-grandson of the last Bavarian King Ludwig III.

Anne Ackermann
The great feast "Aid-El Kebir" or " Feast of the lamb". This is one of the most important celebrations of the muslims.

Alexandre Dupeyron
Catholic priest.

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Tierra Santa Jesuspark in Buenos Aires und Holy Land Experience Orlando in Florida.

Peter Menzel
This journey will guide us to the deep roots of African spirituality through four strategic shores: Benin, Cuba, Brazil and Haiti.

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Sisters and brothers.

Kien Hoang Le
Chris Steele-Perkins captured the everyday lives of the Rohingya Muslim people who, unrecognised by the government, suffer from discrimination and human rights abuses.

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3.8 million inhabitants, 53% Muslims, 40% Orthodox Christians: elsewhere that would be a volatile mix. But in the autonomous Russian republic of Tatarstan and its capital Kazan, the faithful live peacefully together.

Claudia Janke
Pilgrimage in Altoetting

Enno Kapitza
Portrait of shamans, seers and healers from all over the world

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the Nansen Refugee Award winner Sister Angélique Namaika helps women and girls in Dungu, Orientale province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Anne Ackermann
Back to the Roots:Celtic shamanism, myths of Aborigines and healers meeting in France.

Flore-Ael Surun / TendanceFloue
Ajmer Sharif in the Indian State of Rajasthan is, after Mekka, the most important centre for South Asia’s Muslim population.

Florian Lang
The Last Testament

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Vissarion Jesus from Siberia and his Church of the Last Testament.Life in the Community of the United Faith is very basic, people live on an entirely vegan diet, based on what they can grow themselves.

Sergey Kozmin