The Italian fashion designer Ottavio Missoni, founder of the eponymous fashion label and former athlete, has died.
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After the earthquake, he came to Haiti to help. His camp is exemplary. Yesterday he invited in Cannes for the Charity Dinner.
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"In yoga, the mind sweats."
B.K.S. Iyengar, 93, the greatest yogi of the present.

Namas Bhojani
Hillary & Bill Clinton
A young woman leaves Germany to volunteer in Africa. She wants to help, like many others. But then something unexpected happens: Deena is currently becoming a popstar in Uganda.
Anne Ackermann

Paul Schirnhofer
From the book "Frank-Walter Steinmeier und Elke Büdenbender - Paarlauf für Deutschland"

Christian Irrgang
Fashion model Brooklyn, New York.

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Agentur Focus
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Pictures from the book "Bürger Gauck"

Christian Irrgang
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Living Doll : Angela Vollrath

Lucas Wahl
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26 Musicians Who Shaped New York City.

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Beckers,Schaumburg-Lippe,Christine Neubauer,
Judith Rakers,von Bismarck ,Regine Sixt,Simone Thomalla.

Paul Schirnhofer
from the archive
Book"Über Schreibtische"(about desks)
Konrad R. Müller