In 66 days, our photographer and his team rode from the Zugspitze to Sylt. His husky-schnauzer mix dog Blika was always there on this extreme tour.

Florian Wagner
Tourists can face-to-face with massive saltwater crocodiles as they
swim underwater in the glass-lined 'Cage of Death,' an attraction
offered at Northern Australia's Crocosaurus Cove.

Armin Smailovic
Norway's Flatanger archipelago, a cluster of almost 1,400 islands just south of the Arctic Circle, is known for some of the best seaside bird-watching in the region. From land and sea, Paolo Pellegrin photographed the flocks of birds - and tourists - along the coast of Lauvsnes, Norway.

Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum Photos
From an elephant lovingly resting on his master’s shoulder to a dog led through the rubbles of Kabul on the back of a bicycle; these images by Steve McCurry tell a thousand stories, each a touching tribute to the creatures who share our planet. The legendary photographer presents his favorite shots of animals in this kaleidoscopic collection.
Steve McCurry / Magnum Photos
Organic Chicken farming avoid the killing of male rooster.

Claudia Janke und Piotr Gaska
Collection Karsten Klingbeil

Harf Zimmermann
Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos
Rarotonga, the capital island of the remote Pacific Cook Islands, is home to a thriving and ancient population of feral dogs.

Trent Parke / Magnum Photos
Ashol Pan (13),daughter of an experienced eagle hunter, learns the Tradition to tame eagles for hunting.

Asher Svidensky / Flash90
Thailand - Elephant hospital in Lampang

Florian Manz & Julius Schrank
Underwater life begins to glow in bright colors under the influence of blue or ultraviolet light.

Eye of Science
In 1984, a young bottle-nosed dolphin started to appear at the mouth of Dingle Harbour.The now world-famous dolphin has remained in Dingle since, and has become both a friend to the locals and a great "attraction" for visitors.

Kien Hoang Le
Ice Bear at the Zoo

Florian Wagner
In the universe of the little ones.

Eye of Science
Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan.

Kien Hoang Le

Eye of Science
Antarctic penguins.

Tomasz Gudzowaty
The turtles center at the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa is more than a nursing station for injured animals.

Jakob Carlsen
Lucas Wahl / Kollektiv25
Donkeys do hard work in Crete. When they can no longer, nobody wants them anymore. A British couple sacrificing their old animals' pension.

The combines of self-portraits and portraits of animals are inspired by the shamanic experience.

Flore-Ael Surun / TendanceFloue
Why the swim bladder of Totoaba fish endangers the vaquita, the smallest whale?

Emre Caylak
the largest bird park in the world.

Tinka & Frank Dietz
Every summer, wasps whiz out of their nests and also like to stop at our breakfast table while they are looking for food.

Peter Jülich
Boil them, deep-freeze them, crush them, dry them out or blast them into space: tardigrades will survive it all and come back for more.

Eye of Science
Biopolis Project

Gene Glover
A look behind the scenes of the new zoos in Europe.

Jonas Wresch