The Vietnamese girl Nguyen Thi Ly, 9 years old, and her mother Le Thi Thu, 39, must live with the consequences of Agent Orange defoliant used during the war.

Catherine Karnow
Climate Change in the Antarctic. NASA IceBridge flight surveying climate change in Antarctic.

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The Aral Sea was once the fourth largest lake in the world. In the 1960s, Stalin turned his Soviet Central Asian republics into giant cotton plantations. It was an engineering project that diverted such large quantities of water out of the two rivers that the Aral sea began to dry up. These images focus on the region around the dried sea in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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Climate change: The uncertain future of the coasts.
The book of Carl Keyzer published on 16 August 2012 at Lannoo Publishers.

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For centuries, the Germans have been digging for brown coal. A drone flight over a bizarre world.

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climate killer No.1

Sven Döring
Also in the South African Karoo desert natural gas is to be gained by fracking - but the people fight back.

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Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and Daiichi nuvlear power plant catastrophe.

Dominic Nahr
Nuclear waste storages.

Fabian Biasio
Swiss commodity trading companies take advantage of weak fuel standards in Africa to produce, deliver and sell diesel and gasoline, which is damaging to people’s health.

Fabian Biasio
Europeans sell their electronic waste to Africa. The poorest of the poor earn with the copper and aluminum scrap pennies. And will it die sick.

Andrew McConnell
Alpes Glaciers

Alessandro Grassani
Polluted Norilsk in Siberia.

Sergey Maximishin
Rescue teams at ICE-SAR, Iceland's volunteer-based search and rescue organization, woh work in the most demanding environments, from glaciers, mountains, near-freezing rapid rivers to the island's rough coastline.

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Solar power for Delhi's metro. Photovoltaic systems on Delhi Metro Rail Corporation buildings.

Florian Lang
toxic shoes - polluted environment: tanneries in India.

Florain Lang
Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben in their foreword to A Line In The Tar Sandscalled the Alberta Tar Sands the continent’s largest carbon bomb.
The extraction of oil from bitumen, a combination of sand and oil separated has released more CO2 than the combined emissions 100 countries.
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Pete Bethune, an extreme eco-warrior from New Zealand, and his team of former special forces soldiers form a highly unusual group of environmental activists.

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In Gafsa, a phosphate mining region in the southwest of Tunisia, a state-controlled company called CPG extracts phosphate from the hills.

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The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has increased at an alarming speed since the country’s new far-right president Jair Bolsonaro took over office in early 2019.

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From the book "EUROPE"

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As the planet warms,the sea rises.Coastline float.How will we face the danger of rising seas?

George Steinmetz
The fields arount a small village in the Himalayas (85 inhabitants) close to the Tibetan border dry out due to climate change.The king of the former Kingdom Mustang gave to the villagers a new ground.

Manuel Bauer
Moritz Kuestner
The life of Valya and her girlfriends in Stracholissja.

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