Mark Richards / Contact Press Images
Through the German reunification, the construction of Stendal Nuclear Power Station was stopped and the three completed cooling towers were demolished.

Jonas Walter
Now and Then.

Agentur Focus
90% of the world resourse of amber deposits are found in the Russian region of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea.

Sergey Kozmin
Twenty years ago, as cheap clothing began to flood the world market, Bangladesh became a sweatshop for the world’s top brands with local factory partners.

Larry Towell / MagnumPhotos
BOSCH - battery technology for electric cars.

Kien Hoang Le
A look into the social and environmental effects of global cotton

Uwe Martin
Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai is the quarter of theCleaning srubber, probably the largest laundry in the world.

Florian Lang
Who can do it better? Amazon Fresh vs. Rewe delivery service.

Lemrich (Kien Hoang Le & Alina Emrich)
Chinese Denim workers pay a deadly price.

Justin Jin
Chocolate production at Milka in Lörrach.

Thomas Dashuber
Tax evasion: The new rules on transparency of banks force Mr.Falk to act. He has to save his property.

Harald Krieg
First fiherman in Senegal, then cook in Spain and now an entrepreneur in Berlin.
Every week Mouhamed Mbaye delivers fresh fish from Senegal to Germany.

Anne Ackermann
Olive harvest in Sicily.

Peter Jülich
Little Karoo is the center of the South African ostrich industry.

Julius Schrank
Palm oil is the most produced vegetable oil worldwide. People, animals and the environment in the growing areas are suffering from the consequences of palm oil production.

Pascal Maitre
Ritter Sport chocolate production.

Jonas Wresch
A journey to the Mecca of Start Up's-looking for ideas of tomorrow.

Armin Smailovic
Young, innovative but unemployed? Uganda's population is one of the youngest and fastest growing in the world. But there are hardly any jobs. The start-up entrepreneurs manage that.

Anne Ackermann
A toxic job: The Indonesian sulphur miners risk their health at the Ijen volcano.

Vova Pomortzeff

Mark Mühlhaus / attenzione
At the Bosnian furniture manufactory Zanat, a traditional production of furniture and woodcarving has always been cultivated.

Armin Smailovic